from Jo Anne Lavender

TVA, TVARA Celebrate TVA’s 90th Anniversary

June 2023 TVARA News

On May 18, 2023, TVA celebrated its 90th Anniversary.

Since 1933, TVA has contributed immeasurable benefits to the Valley. From bringing electricity to the Tennessee Valley, to improving agriculture, to enhancing natural resources, to preventing flood damage, to improving the economy, TVA has done much to improve the quality of life of Valley residents.

Currently, there are more than 18,000 TVA retirees. Every one of us played an important role in these contributions. We have much to be proud of in our service and in the current employees’ service to the

You might take a few moments reflect on your and your team’s or teams’ contributions while you were at TVA.

The TVA Retirees Association partnered with TVA to identify service opportunities in the TVA counties to celebrate the 90th Anniversary by providing aid to the communities through TVA’s employees and retirees.

(See Penny Walker’s article on page 3 of this newsletter on the many ways our chapter members volunteered to
serve. Penny, TVARA’s Volunteer Coordinator, did an outstanding job coordinating these service projects with
the TVA 90th Anniversary Committee and with Bicentennial Volunteers Inc., which provided funding for some of the projects.)

Another area in which TVA is contributing to the Valley is in Community Relations.

TVA has staffs in each of the four regions (East, North, West, South) that are dedicated to Government &
Community Relations. One of the major focus areas of these staffs is to partner with their respective communities on projects that would improve the quality of life of local residents.

These staffs have made financial and volunteer contributions toward these efforts. They want to partner with TVARA retirees and BVI to identify and deliver projects that would contribute still more to the communities. TVA employees and groups also can be involved in these projects.

In March and April, the four TVA regional offices sponsored meetings with TVARA officers and chapter officers and BVI to identify projects we could do jointly in the future. The regional staffs and TVARA chapters and BVI will work together to identify and implement these projects.

Many of the projects or activities identified so far include volunteer opportunities. You will be notified of service volunteer opportunities in your area as they arise. I am very proud of the many ways our retirees serve in their communities.

If you have an idea for a service project that would be good for your community, please speak to any of your chapter officers, TVARA officers, or Penny Walker (423-413-7137).