Welcome to the Johnsonville/Cumberland chapter 


Mickey Blackburn – President, Can be reached at (931)-209-1352 text/phone or email: mwblackb56@gmail.com

           Vacant – Vice President Accepting nominations, send a request to Mickey Blackburn

  Leroy Uptain Treasurer can be reached at (931) 622-4944  

           John Phillips- Chapter Secretary 731-441-0320 or jkp@bellsouth.net


It’s getting about time for our annual TVARA JOF/CUF chapter
So-called Picnic. This year’s Picnic with be held on September 21st. at the Johnsonville Historic Park. located at 90 Neil Beard Rd. New Johnsonville, TN 37134
Socializing starts at 10:00 and the meeting at 11:00.
Food Catering from Papa’s Old Fashioned BBQ from Erin TN.
The guest speaker with be Christoper K Smith Community Relations Manager North Region.
Updates from the TVARA Board meeting in Nashville on August 31st.
Feel free to bring donations to the food banks/Helping hands
RSVP to me by September 13th. by email, mwblackb56@gmail.com or call 931-209-1352.



December Chapter meeting at Country and Western Steakhouse in Camden

In attendance were 23 retirees and many door prizes were given.

Discussion of TVARA Board meeting in November. 

Election of Chapter Officers. No change from last year.

Sorry, I didn’t have any Photos of the meeting.



Sept Chapter meeting

Next Chapter Meeting: Click here for Event details”

The next chapter meeting will be: on December 08,  2022

Location: Country and Western Steakhouse in Camden TN

Time: 10:00 for visitation and 11:00 for the meeting and eating. 

Program: TBD

Bring a food product for the food pantry Helping Hands in Humphreys

and Benton Counties



December Meeting is the annual election of officers:

Mickey Blackburn President

VP vacant

Leroy Uptain Now Treasurer

John Phillips Sec. 

I look forward to the next meeting.





    Plant Legacy celebration in 2017


A Day in the History books December 31st, 2017

On December 31 at 7:14 PM Unit 2 disconnected from the system, this was the last unit running at the plant. Due to the EPA lawsuit, JOF will no longer run. The steam supply to Chemours is now being supplied by the Johnsonville CT site with one Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and two backup Aux boilers they took over yesterday at 1:30 or so.

Johnsonville plant has been operating for 67 years. Unit 1 went in operation on Oct 27, 1951. Unit 1 was the one we had chosen to remove last, but yesterday at 1:30 PM the boiler had a tube rupture and had to be removed from service. So Unit 2 ended up being the last unit taken off.

Mr.Richard Mac Flowers a retiree pushed the trip button (65S) to remove it. Pictures below. Mr. Flowers along with his family were present, his son Richard also a retiree worked at JOF as a Switchboard operator.

Johnsonville September chapter meeting




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