TVA takes full ownership for the impact we had on our customers during winter storm Elliott. We never want to impact anyone’s energy at any time. These extreme conditions brought record-breaking demand and unanticipated challenges, resulting in two occasions that required LPC and Direct Serve customers to reduce power consumption.

TVA is committed to learning and continuous improvement. We are conducting a comprehensive and thorough review of the actions we took both before and during the event.

We have formed a cross-functional team with representatives from Power Operations, Transmission & Power Supply, Enterprise Planning, External Relations, Communications, TVAP, Emergency Management, Generation Projects & Fleet Services, Nuclear, Financial Operations & Performance, and Commercial Energy Solutions to better understand impacts and develop recommendations. This team will gather and share lessons learned, determine the causes and contributing factors, and develop corrective actions to address gaps.

This review will be transparent and will move with a sense of urgency as we identify gaps, lay out corrective action plans and make the necessary changes to allow us to better respond to such challenging events in the future.

One of the hallmarks of TVA is reliability, and we will work to fully restore confidence in our ability to reliably provide the energy 10 million people count on every day. We are committed to proving that we can continue to meet that expectation in the future.

We will continue to provide updated information as we learn more through this review and develop actions.